Final Project So Far

For the final project, I have decided to explore hysteria in males. I recently found a lot of articles in nineteenth-century medical journals discussing the diagnosis of hysteria in male patients. I thought it would be fun to research this topic with these primary sources and compare the symptoms and cures to hysteria in females during the same time period. This is the home page for the website so far:


I chose a background image of hypnotizing swirls from Subtle Patterns to highlight the mental illness. I faded the gray color of the circles in Photoshop and saved the image for the web as a jpeg. The red menu mimics the one in my image assignment to provide some cohesion to the entire digital portfolio. I like the main title, but I am not satisfied with the sub-title. The images are from an actual 1886 medical journal article discussing hysteria in males. I think these illustrations are wonderful and really look good on the web! I can’t believe I stumbled upon them. Do you like that they continue off the wrapper? It happened by accident in Dreamweaver, but I like the effect.

For the content, I plan to topic model the articles on men and women, comparing the symptoms, causes, and cures of hysteria. It could be fun and interactive to then present a couple of case studies and poll the user on whether the patients are male or female. I want to add an interactive element besides hyperlinks.

I would appreciate any constructive comments on my design and content presentation!

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3 thoughts on “Final Project So Far

  1. This looks great!! I love you where you’ve gone with it and I think it looks clean and visually interesting! I really like how the engravings run off the sides, it adds to the idea of something breaking the rules or operating outside of normalcy.

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