Image Assignment

Here is the link to my image assignment.

I still need to work on formatting the div containers to align perfectly and to align the text within the divs. However, the images are done and any comments would be very helpful!


2 thoughts on “Image Assignment

  1. Sarah,

    I really love the first image of the little boy as your header! It is so sad but such a cool picture. I really like the white letters on the picture of the little boy for the header- I think it was a good choice. I am not sure about the list of the assignments at the beginning of the page. Unless maybe you wanna link them so if you click on one it would jump you down to the actual assignment? I have no clue how to do that myself but I am not sure you need that list at the beginning. Other then that I really like all the choices you have made. I like the neutral background and wrapper color. I also like the red nav bar and then the red bar at the bottom. I honestly don’t really have anything to add. Once you fix the text alignment and maybe make the sub heads larger than the words “before” and “after” I think it will look awesome. Also you did a great job on the restored photo- definitely put mine to shame! Good Job!!


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