This week I worked on improving my Type Assignment. This was the old version:Image

To improve, I moved the image to the body content and resized it. I played up the colors in the image more with the background and horizontal menu bar. I also embedded new fonts from Google. I wanted to add more images, but I cannot embed images of women suffering from the “baby blues” from the Vogue or Redbook magazines, because they do not exist in the public domain. So, I perused Google for images of Andrea Yates, but the ones I found did not contribute to the layout. (I’m not sure they’re in the public domain either)

Here is the updated version:



Does anyone have any further suggestions to improve this page, or creative image ideas?

I’m not sure if my domain is updated, so I put this screenshot up. Here is the link, anyway:

This week I commented on Kasey and Paul’s blog


2 thoughts on “Improving

  1. Hey Sarah!

    I think this looks great! I have two suggestions. 1) I think it might be look nice if your block quotes and maybe even your navigation were the same font as your h2 and were a little bit smaller than the body text. 2) I think maybe if you bumped the body text size up a little bit it would be a little easier on the eyes. You could also make it a sans serif font which might contrast well with you headings. (I’m thinking of something like Roboto from google fonts).

    It looks great though!


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