Photos for Photoshop

This week’s (two weeks ago…is it Spring yet??) really made me consider the photographs and images I want to incorporate into my final project and image assignment. The early twentieth-century Tuberculosis directories and state and federal sanatorium pamphlets that I utilized in Clio I for primary sources are a good start. All of the images are in the public domain.

sanatorium exhibit

Though the images are in black and white, I would really like to enhance the color of this Catawba Sanatorium photograph from the 1908 Virginia Bulletin of Health. Since the literature discussing TB espoused a salubrious environment as the best cure for the disease, I would like the trees and air to stand out in the image.

catawba sanatorium

I had a lot of fun exploring the color palette sites and lynda videos for photoshop and web design. The most user friendly color site is  I like that the site displays complementary colors, as well as an entire color palette. As a person new to web design and color palettes, I appreciated the different “scheme ids,” including the tetrad and triad schemes. This is definitely a go-to tool for a quick color palette layout decision.

I haven’t yet imported my images into Photoshop yet, but that is my next step. I want to eventually incorporate those edited images back into my profile page and type assignment. It’s fun and useful to keep building upon previous assignments, adding new technology every week.

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2 thoughts on “Photos for Photoshop

  1. Hey Sara,
    Looks like you have some great images to experiment with; I really like your idea to play up the color of the trees and the sky so as to emphasize a historical argument regarding benefits of “salubrious environment.” I hadn’t really thought of color as capable of making or reinforcing an argument, so this is a great perspective.

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