Typography Assignment

This week I designed a web page for the typography assignment. I do not have a master’s thesis and would like to forget about my undergraduate thesis (my first jump into history…enough said). So, I used some text from a simple History of Health and Women in America class from college. The paper compares the diagnoses, cultural aspects, and treatments for postpartum depression in the 1960s to the twenty-first century using women’s magazines and health magazines.

For the design, I wanted to use the color blue. Physicians called ppd in the mid-twentieth century “baby blues,” so I thought that was the most appropriate color. I wanted to embed a picture from the 1960s Vogue and Redbook magazines on the page, but those images are not in the public domain. I had to resort to a simple ppd picture from a government health site. I wanted the fonts of the title to reflect the change in physician/societal attitudes toward the disorder. The “American Women” subtitle is more relaxed, as the 1960s dismissed the disorder as merely “baby blues” and caused by the environment. The main title, “After the Baby Blues,” is more serious to reflect the contemporary view that postpartum depression is largely caused by chemistry and changing hormone levels.

For the footnotes, I could not figure out how to include them without using a series of paragraph codes. I would like to implement Dr. Petrik’s method, but I need to be more fluent in HTML code. I did figure out how to create a footer, though. This is important, because for the portfolio page I simply used a template design. This week, I hand-coded everything! It feels great to create a digital document from scratch and have it actually appear on the web. Every week I comment on how much we learn and this week is no different.

Here’s the link to my typography assignment

Comment on Jannelle’s blog

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5 thoughts on “Typography Assignment

  1. Hi Sara,
    The content of your website looks great! I am with you on the hand-coding- W3School was definitely my friend on this one! I like that you tried to convey the sense of “baby blues” through your color scheme- I think that’s a subtle nod to the topic. The image problem is definitely a difficult one to overcome, but the image you used works for your purposes here.

  2. I vaguely hope my use of greenish & brownish colors will sort of suggest 19th century roads through a largely rural state. Your post is a great example of looking to the actual subject matter for design inspiration.

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