Building a Web Site

This week I tried to build a portfolio site for this class. I’ll admit that I thought it was not going to be difficult. I was wrong. However, my digital skills will improve with time.

First, I set up Blue Host and my domain name, then linked my FTP with the server. I created a new site in Dreamweaver that hooked up to the FTP software, as well. It took a couple of hours and numerous chats with Blue Host’s 24/7 tech support to accomplish this setup. This initial step was the most difficult for me in the website-building process- just figuring out how to get started. I realized how important communication is within the digital community.

Next, I used a Dreamweaver template to structure my homepage. That step was easy enough, but then editing the HTML code to customize the site created an obstacle. I did not understand every code in the template, like <tr> and <td> for tables and content boxes. Choosing colors, creating lists and headers, and choosing the font-family was fun, though. The readings this week on typography impressed me with new vocabulary and new insights into good web design. The suggestion that changing a font can change a person’s mood or reaction to the text is powerful, as is the ability of a font or a font’s kerning to grab and hold a reader’s attention. I am still playing around with different font-families, but I promise I won’t resort to Helvetica.


The last step in this assignment is to create content. I have to consider how to present my academic and professional self to the digital world, officially. I want to convey academic seriousness, but also a little bit of my personality.

Portfolio Site so far:

Comment on Paul’s blog

Comment on Becca’s blog


4 thoughts on “Building a Web Site

  1. Your portfolio looks great! The process of obtaining domain and connecting it to FTP file was a lot difficult than I had thought too. Not to mention, HTML coding is very confusing. I was very impressed of your effort to contact to the tech support! As you mentioned, communication within digital world is very important and our portfolio will be another way to communicate in the digital world. In that case, your blog reminded me of how important we should consider about our digital identity.

  2. Sara, I’m impressed with your work. I know we talked about the templates, and I think that seemed to work out pretty well. I also am concerned about figuring out a way to convey a personality while still remaining professional. It’s a difficult balance.

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